Technician Apple Certified ACMT Need JOB IN STOCKHOLM, 5 years experiences

I’m from Italy. At 9 March 2016 i’ll be moving to stockholm and I need a job.
I have 26 Years Old. i’m a computer Technician Apple Mac and iPhone, i have 5 years experience in hardware e software Apple. I have a certificate Apple ACMT (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician). Good computer skills. change of glasses, display and component in iPhone and iPad.
I am experienced with Mac Hardware and Software, i can Install HD o SSD, change Ram, Flat and all component for all Mac.
Format, reinstall and upgrade all system OS X.
Excellent ability to Problem Solving, work in groups and organize work.
I am able to work with all Microsoft and Linux Machine.
I don’t speak Swedish and my English is not good, but I can speak and understand english. I will learn very quickly.
I need a job, please contact me.
I have CV in english.