tele2fone v1 again…wered-2039597/

This post closed.Dont know why.I dont have bad intention.

Phone was disabled regarding unlock(looks like counter blocked.)
Only orginal sim work ,other sim not work(looks like locked and I dont have any option to enter unlock code)
After google search i found "Ukoliko Tele2fon v1 nema u postavkama opciju „Otključavanje uređaja“, sa Tele2 web stranice preuzmite softver sa nadogradnjom, koja omogućava otključavanje Tele2fon v1 uređaja"

Translated :"if phone in settings dont have option for enter unlock code flash it with…it will enable unlock menu"

I flash it and now I have unlock option.
I order code and phone is now unlocked and it work good.

I dont know and right now I dont have time to inspect but from google it should be MTK MT6573 CPU

Orbita:"If it android mtk, selecting first phone from list and making boot info, should show info about phone."

ok I try with first from the list, see attach

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