Tmobile reactvaton lock and frp soultion new frimware !!!!!

Well i seen alot of people struggling to remove frp and samsung account on s6 and up on new frimware so i decided to post soultion each of these files and model specific so please do use on other models just flash this in odin and try to remove frp and samsung account

G920T :!lIElEShT

Key: !pUfee_ITNeLLEjSCnHX1fgyEsgC9d50BVTnkBW_at7E


Key: !n2ogoI5xWR0lQ8nUowlIPbghjnqLdX_AdRCvwXxCMVQ


Key: !zUmej0sQmpcfOkX0np10UEdw1QQATbwhSYdfIfJIzBk


Key: !-VFSaQrZyPu2daNGy5jcPJzBEHg3rSscSTujxSXiGrc

Worked very hard to make files so if you want to buy me a beer go ahead lol

Thanks to justmejose And F_X for teaching me :D:D:D