{Tool}{Tips}ADB Sideload/Dead To Alive (Redmi 1s , Mi3 ,Mi4 ,Mi2s, MORE){Tool}{Tips}

{Tool}{Tips}ADB Sideload/Dead To Alive (Redmi 1s , Mi3 ,Mi4 ,Mi2s, MORE){Tool}{Tips}


Many are busy with competition so here i am with my article.
SIDELOADING ROM from custom recovery i recommend TWRP or even CWM.
Sideload in TWRP is required if you erase your Internal Memory and don’t have a ROM to Flash or Restore.

Reason for getting BRICKED
Flashing wrong Recovery image or fastboot rom or anything else might be incomplete flashing etc.

No Charging LED
Phone not booting up
Not detected on pc.


** Your warranty is now void.**I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,**


Custom Recovery
windows operating system (win 7 or above recommened)
Android SDK Set up


Make Sure Phone Drivers are installed and ADB is already working
Steps to follow flashing update.zip package using adb sideload mode (based on TWRP Android recovery):

Place the ZIP package you want to install in the same location where you keep ADB drivers – adb.exe, AdbWinApi.dll and AdbWinUsbApi.dll (usually it’s SDK\platform-tools)
Take care of USB Debugging is it ON ? in Settings > Development on your device[IF DEV OPTION doesn’t shows up TAB on ANDROID VERSION settings about phone]
Make sure your phone drivers are installed on the PC. The latest MI PC SUIT solves many of the problems.
Power button + volume up take you to recovery mode.
Select "apply update from ADB,"
Now open command promt in your PC

cd /d <adb.exe location> (for example: cd /d c:\SDK\platform-tools) or you can open your SDK/platform-tools folder, then press SHIFT button and the right-click mouse button and choose “Open command prompt here”

adb sideload <filename>.zip (for example: adb sideload update.zip or adb sideload.zip like i did above)
Zip package starts to install wait untill it gets.
After it’s done , select "reboot system now"

And you are done

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