Trouble with My Blackberry Q5…

Hoping for help..

So I got the weird back off exposing the back of the phone it looks like you need toes screw drivers and what not to get it off just to pull the battery.

The phone died.. Like dead so it’s been on the charger for over an over now and the orange liht just keeps flashing, it won’t let me turn it on.. Nothing..

I’m pretty much thinking my phone is pooched and I was my Wind Mobile backup phone in se my nexus craps out which is did, the screen shattered today so I have to look into how much that’s going to cost me to get fix and need a phone.
I have a pile of phones I could unlock if I knew any good cheap websites where you don’t wait Forever and a day for the code to unlock it..

So can anyone help me please?! I’m desperate!

– Vixen-Sub