Unable to unlock. GT-N7105

Gathering phone info…
Collecting information. Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone!
Model: GT-N7105
Sales Code: HTS
Country Code: Sweden
Android Version: 4.4.2 [KOT49H]
Build Date: Fri May 16 14:20:54 KST 2014
PDA Version: N7105XXUFNE3 [may 2014, rev3]
Phone Version: N7105NEUFNE1 [may 2014, rev1]
CSC Version: N7105HTSFNF1 [june 2014, rev1]
Product Code: GT-N7105TADHTS
HIDSw Version: N7105XXUFNE3/N7105HTSFNF1/N7105NEUFNE1/N7105XXUFNE3
Board Platform: EXYNOS4
Modem Platform: MDM9215M
Serial Number: RF1D++++
Imei: ***********
Unique Number: CMAF758020C12AF
Connections: AT,MTP
Battery Status: 4.25V (97%)
Network Type: GSM
Knox Version: 1
Warranty Bit: 1

Checking root state…

Preparing backup…
M9KEFS1 stored.
M9KEFS2 stored.
M9KEFS3 stored.

Trying on SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port (COM4)
Not responding.
Port is not responding. Are you sure that the diagnostic mode is enabled?
Appropriate serial port is not available.
1. On dial window enter *#0808# or *#9090# or *#7284#
2. Select DM+MODEM+ADB
3. Tap OK on phone display
4. Click OK button
Trying on SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port (COM4)
Not responding.
Unable to unlock.