Unauthorized Software Used to Flash This Device

"Unauthorized Software Used to Flash This Device" – SM-G920T… After rooting and unlocking this device, I would get this message after start-up. I re-flased the android firmware, as well as did a factory reset but it would not go away. I also unrooted the device. I couldn’t figure out what I needed to do to alter the phone so it wouldn’t prompt the message, so I Wiped Security via Octopus and the phone’s certificate then became corrupted. So I had to then reflash the phones firmware and write the certificate back to its original state.

What do I have to do to reset the phone so it doesn’t say this? Do I have to Write Security with a clean security file after modifying the device? (unlocking, write cert, etc?) I’m new to the Octopus box and would love to figure out as to how I repair the phone so it doesn’t indicate that it’s been altered/modified with unauthorized software?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and possibly reciprocated (if i can do so)! :confused: