Unlock failed with the latest z2x 24.1 G920T


Waiting ADB device... OK
Reading phone info...
Model: SM-G920T
Android version: 5.1.1
Product code: SM2G920TZWATMB
Phone version: G920TUVS3DOJC
PDA version: G920TUVS3DOJC
CSC version: G920TTMB3DOJC
CSC country code: USA
CSC sales code: TMB
HW version: REV1.0
Phone S/N: R58G817R1ZR
Modem board: SHANNON333
RF cal date: 20150817
Checking Super user right... true
Initialization AT RIL... OK
Check version... OK
Initializating zTool... error (0)

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.24.1

History of the phone:
Unlocked with z3x and i made backup efs and after update locked again.
I made root, tryed to unlock again and you have the logs of the results.

What can be done?