Unlock lg gt405 error

Please help mi unlock lg gt 405 for octopus….

Welcome to Octoplus/Octopus Box LG Software version 2.1.7
Platform: LG SEMC
Selected port: COM32
Selected baudrate: 921600
Selected model: GT405
Use Testpoint/Jumper: No
For correct working the battery must be fully charged!
Please, reconnect battery, press and hold volume-up button and connect
USB cable.
If phone not connected, connect (solder) jumper according to picture
("Show testpoint" button).
Phone found!
Chip ID: 0xD9000401FFFFFFFF
Chipset: DB3200
BootROM mode detected
Sending ACC preloader…OK
Sending APP preloader…OK
CID: 54
IMEI: 359829-03-16692—
Color: Red
Sending ACC production loader…OK
Sending APP production loader…OK
Error of GDFS_Open cmd