Unlock Lumia 710

First put Lumia 710 in download mode.
Turn off the phone (Vol up and conect to usb)
Then read codes….

Chimera Versión de la Mobile Phone Utility: 9.92.1433 @ 2016-04-19

[Read Nck.]

Testing custom dload
Test OK.

Reading MODEM FS
Reading using method A
Found SFS1 @ c000000, S: 300000
Found SFS2 @ c300000, S: 300000
SFS1 read
Preparing SFS2
Reading SFS2 started
SFS2 read
Everything read OK.

Parsing NCK

NCK: 46340348
NCK1: 46340348
NCK2: 15971643
NCK3: 89592440
NCK4: 71194940
NCK5: 34948237

Read NCK done.
Finished at local time: [04.19.16 16:13:07]
WorkID: 10406147