unlock ot-2045x

u can use usb cable or usb serial port

for usb cable phone off just hold * and connect usb cable

(for USB connection keep SPACE or * (STAR) key pressed and insert the usb cable)
Meta mode entered;
Baseband Chip: MT6276
Sw version: 2045X_L4GM_V1.4_150709_CAM30_MCP128_64_FM_BT_Y_CH_ SWISSCOM
Hw Version: HW01
Reading phone info;
IMEI: 355626-06-136236-7
Reading simlock info;

Unlock codes:

Locked to: 228-01
code_cat_n: 12391603 enabled: yes tries: 5
code_cat_ns: 56781234 enabled: no tries: 5
code_cat_sp: 11112222 enabled: no tries: 5
code_cat_c: 33334444 enabled: no tries: 5
code_cat_sim: 55556666 enabled: no tries: 5
code_cat_ns_sp: 77778888 enabled: no tries: 5
code_cat_sim_c: 99990000 enabled: no tries: 5

Time needed – 00:00:39

Log file saved to: LOG_23_01_2016_08_30_15.txt