unlock s6 edge error

Chimera Version Mobile Phone Utility: 9.21.1738 @ 2016-02-10

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Gathering phone info…
Collecting information. Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone!
Model: SM-G925W8
Sales Code: BMC
Country Code: Canada
Timezone: America/Toronto
Android Version: 5.1.1 [LMY47X]
Build Date: Tue Nov 10 19:39:02 KST 2015
PDA Version: G925W8VLU3BOK1 [november 2015, rev1]
Phone Version: G925W8VLU3BOK1 [november 2015, rev1]
CSC Version: G925W8OYA3BOK1 [november 2015, rev1]
Product Code: SM-G925WZKABMC
HIDSw Version: G925W8VLU3BOK1/G925W8OYA3BOK1/G925W8VLU3BOK1/G925W8VLU3BOK1
Board Platform: EXYNOS5
Modem Platform: SHANNON333
Serial Number: R58G61J45ZN
Imei: 358758061965522
Unique Number: 06157DF6341EA937
Connections: AT,MTP
Battery Status: 3.81V (51%)
Network Type: GSM
Knox Version: v30
Warranty Bit: 0

Reading Codes…
Using new security.

Checking custom root image…
Télécharg. de l’image root personnalisée. Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone!
Checking image.

Rooting by custom image based root method…

Flashing firmware…
Switching to download mode.
Waiting for download mode.
Reading PIT.
Flashing boot.img.
Flash firmware failed.
Finished at local time: [02.10.16 16:57:12]
WorkID: 9219718