Unlockbase Chargeback Cheater John Milton Fake Name Real Name Romain *******

Dear Users, Romain ******* is unlockbase.com NOT john milton UNLOCKBASE.COM is fake AND his accounts are fake he HAS caused us Hugh losses IN CHARGEBACKS Beware.HERE IS A PIC

I tried to get in touch with the CEO of unlockbase.com (because I do not want to address his fake name) when he had opened the first cases. I asked him numerous times to give me a contact number to call him at and speak to him in person. If you had $ 30,000 invested and wanted to get it back would you not give a direct line of contact to the other party? After all, it is much better to talk than have miscommunication through texts, emails etc…. However, the CEO refused to give any form of phone contact, not even a watsapp number.
In addition he agreed to come on skype but to communicate only via text.
Why does the CEO of such a successful business not have a contact number to reach him at? Especially if there is money involved?
Would you do business the same way?

I offered him a refund for what was left in his account if he provided a legal document that there would be no more chargebacks because I do not trust him. Because there is a possibility that he can open more. If everything is good on his side he should have no problem doing so. However instead he sent me more extortion threats , which I will be posting on the websites as well as a

What price do you put on Self respect? Should I allow someone to call me names and bully me in business? What price do you set for someone treating you that way?

Every moment that passes by he is stealing from me. And because of his power I look like the bad guy. Well I am not. And at least I have the courage to use my real name to do business.

John Milton Is Fake So is His Paypal. HIS real name is Romain B ******* check my WEB sites at UNLOCKBASES.COM UNLOCKBASE.CA UNLOCKBASE.NET to GET correct spelling of HIS last name AND his real social media accounts i cant post it here without getting he has no paypal account only fake accounts

1) He used a fake name and fake paypal account.

2) He charged backed me 80,000 usd .

3) He used extortion to get me to lower price and give free credits at lower price.

4) If you are also selling sony he was the one that caused the price war please contact us we are raising the price .

5) He used my Facebook account to steal my friends list and pictures of me and told me in an email that i have a pretty face I found that very unprofessional and strange

6) He has threatened us, cursed at our employees, caused us damages and loss in our market.

7) He has even taken a site unlockingplanet.ca to steal our name before we even had any disagreements on service

8) When we continued his service after he did the chargebacks.
And let him finish his credits up to this past week
he continued chargebacks opened and kept them opened
even after 3 weeks of 3 hour sony speed service

Do not deal with him if you do get ready for a big loss

you can fin our site at https://unlocktheplanet.com

here is a link of the sites showing pics of the transactions and emails that took place i am updating it with much more info until this is resolved since he opens more chargebacks from February

http://johnmilton.us/SELLER’S please be aware!