Unlockbase.com ( dumb staff )


MY USERNAME IS : gsmunlockspot@hotmail.com

i have submit an imei to unlock,, which needs 7-14 days,,

but after 1 month,, they still not rejecting or compliting that order,,

& i send them 7 emails,

for every email,, they a an auto reply machine,,

which replies that,, we have forwarded your imei to supplier,, soon we will update u,, they always doing the same thing.

to whom should i talk,, this is the only web in the world,, u cant contact admin,,

u cant whatsapp him, u cant viber him,, u cant yahoo him,, u cant skype him

u can just send an email, which replies in 12 hours, for same auto reply machine,, which send only 1 line,, actualyy no staff exist there,,

if exist they are all dump