UnlockSigma.com not refunding money, please help!

It’s regarding unlocknest, gsmmaden with whom I worked from start when he joined the forum and was a product manager.

I used his services more than a year but suddenly there were delays in job completion and few of my placed and completed WW orders relocked which were supposed and came with a lifetime warranty but he refunded the credits which I really appreciate.

But problem started from here when upon uploading new orders sooner or later they failed to complete and many of them stayed on action waiting and there were no action taken on them at all so after loosing hope I asked him to please refund the balance which was available in my account but since last year he is ignoring, not replying and finally got disappeared.

He is not refunding the balance which was first available on his web unlocknest in 2015 and now transferred to unlocksigma and now it’s more than a year.

I’d requested him many times and at start in 2015 he stopped responding and then disappeared for almost 8 to 10 months but now when I saw him again active on forum, advertising his services and via emails I approached and contacted him.

As I know he is not going to refund I paid again and uploaded a fast iCloud in 1 – 48 hours so I could this way use the available balance but upon asking and requesting many times he is not processing the order and now after a week passed and the job is still action waiting.

I request mods to please help me to get back my money from this user.

Here is profile address: