use of 100% of the cpu.

good night friends, I come through this request information on the penultimate and the last update of OctoPlus lg by opening the LG program no matter the tab, the CPU already is at 50% usage, and try to do any repair the cpu go 100% usage, which causes the locking programa.achei it was only me, many more users are complaining about the same problem, and it is only in the area lg, mtk, qualcoom, infineon … I formatted the pC, already uninstalled and reinstalled the new versions, driver’s corretos.tenho a pC with dual core processor 3.0ghz – 4gb video card-ram 2gb-windows 7 ultimate, as well as other users also have pCs with similar configuration and are facing the same problem , peopl if they can see, we are grateful.