v9c boot repair help

v9c wrong boot write v9

now jtag show

Check security…OK
Initialising: ZTE V9C Config ver.:1.00
I/O Level set to : 2600 mV
Box S/N: 1010F911DE43F4C9 ,FW Ver.: 01.52
Connecting to Target…
JTAG device: MSM7227T
CPU IDCODE : 0x503C00E1 Mfg.: 0x070, Part: 0x03c0, Ver.: 0x5
CPU Manufacturer: QUALCOMM , CPU Name: MSM7227T
Halting CPU…
Starting target communication…
Detecting nand memory parameters …
unknown fastnand flash device found, manufacturer id: 0x00 device id: 0x03