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eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: Automated reset partition config and boot bus on Factory reset for moviNAND
ADD: eMMC product name definition updated
ADD: eMMC TP pinouts definition updated
ADD: FFU files for KMNJS000ZM-B205(3), KMVYL000LM-B503(37), KMVZL000LM-B900(26)
ADD: [User Partition] Reading eMMC User partitions for Qualcomm devices will also generate rawprogram0.xml
The generated dump may be used for Qualcomm debrick function with Android ToolBox, –
but you have to spesify the required loader (Sahara or Firehose) files
BUGFIX: Partition scaning and Resize User Data bugfixes for some devices (Xperia)
BUGFIX: [Factory Image] Writing Qualcomm files may result in invalid MBR generation
Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Qualcomm Sahara and Firehose flashing routine
Easy repairing dead/hard bricked devices (Qualcomm HS-USH QDLoader 9008)
Flashing bricked qualcomm devices with sahara or firehose protocol
For Sahara, MPRG and msimage will be used and for Firehose *emmc_firehose*.mbn will be needed
Note that not all Qualcomm Soc supports Firehose protocol
The firmware packages used for Qualcomm flashing is standart QPST files
Factory file package supported in this release: Lenovo *.qsb
Lots of files already uploaded to Support and we still uploading more
ADD: Switch to DLOAD (Qualcomm MMC Storage mode) (Power icon)
ADD: [Flash Tool] Flashing support for ASUS Qualcomm devices (Zenfone Laser)
ADD: [Flash Tool] Flashing support for Huawei devices
ADD: [Flash Tool] Added support for Huawei factory file package (UPDATE.APP)
ADD: [Flash Tool] Added support for Lenovo factory Intel file package *.inb
ADD: [Imei Tool] Read and Write PRL for Qualcomm devices(requires valid SPC for most devices)
ADD: [Imei Tool] Read and Write QCN for Qualcomm devices(requires valid SPC for most devices)
ADD: [Imei Tool] Send PWD (Security Password) for Qualcomm devices
ADD: [Flash Tool] xFSTK version selection that will be used for intel flashing
ADD: [Flash Tool] Add Re-Partitioning only for all intel ASUS devices
ADD: [Flash Tool] Unroot method for Android Intel devices(# menu)
ADD: [Flash Tool] Framaroot root/unroot method (# menu)
ADD: [Flash Tool] Intel auto flashing fastboot handler
Intel flashing will automaticaly continuing to fastboot flashing when MFT file used (flash.xml)
BUGFIX: [Flash Tool] Improved fastboot flashing routine
BUGFIX: [Flash Tool] Improved intel flashing routine
BUGFIX: [Imei Tool] Repair Imei for Qualcomm devices improved
BUGFIX: [Imei Tool] Repair Imei for Intel Devices with Dual Baseband
BUGFIX: [Adb Tool] Superuser access issue on some devices
BUGFIX: [Adb Tool] Storage info detection for some devices
BUGFIX: [Adb Tool] Adb dump stops at 10% bugfixed
BUGFIX: [Adb Tool] Adb dump will now use temporary storage at /data/local/tmp is no internal sd path detected