volcano new Installation

HI supporter ,
I have some basic doubt , pls clarify me ,
I have my old volcano box bought 2 years before i think ,
only once use it on that and never use again , Now i want to install .
When i search support lot of exe i am confused , After read some search i found some idea . Please clarify me is it correct
by the way
1.I dont have merpi tool activation , without activation can i use old functions ?
2. I download VolcanoTool_v2.5.0_Full_Installer_Parts_7Zip and
I download from old updates folder " VolcanoTool_v2.8.2.php " and
I download "VolcanoUtility_v2.8.3_Volcano_Yellowstone.rar.php " and
I download "VolcanoUtility_v3.0.9_Volcano_Module_Fixed.ph p"
So i got 4 exe downloaded now can you explain what more i do ,