Who have issue with “Autoupdate”, Update fw, Server busy itc.. Loock here

Last time posting samethings.

For all that have issue in Update Fw, Autoupdate or Server Not working, (for you, server is always working).

Try in this mode First of any above procedure:

Disable AV when "AUTOUPDATE".

First go to: C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/Hosts

Open this file "Hosts" with Notepad

Add these line:

Quote: www.advanceturboflasher.com www.atf-lightning.com

Save and turn back to restart Atf Sw and try now to "AUTOUPDATE", "UPDATE FIRMWARE" itc…

NOTE: If have OLD version of ATF, Uninstall all, delete all folder Atf, then Launch Last "Full Install 12.60" and continue with above procedure.

WARNING: who not is able or haven’t enough knowledge in Windows, please not do mistake and ask help to who is able in this.

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