With big Respect to Respected Team

Dear Friends,

Day ago our friend have got a PM from Respected Team supporter with this request:

I am really sad to see that you have accepted happy copypasting text at end of reply as personal problem.
I am sure that people who never copy/paste will see on that text just likt to friendly joke, but you take it so serious. Why so ?
Please dont be so angry on our team memebers. Lets hope next time happy copypasting text dont make you so angry because honest people who make own software do not be angry to such kind of jokes but people who really copy/paste take such truth like bad words.

I hope now Peace arrived to our houses !

Also my personal reqest – as soon as you will see that our programmers start to copy/paste your work (lets hope its impossible) – please be so kind and report this activity (if you are 100% sure that its a copy/paste) and we will take an action !

As per your question regarding Dongle.
Sad but true – we do not use PM (Personal Messages) for support purposes.
Please do not send to us PM regarding technivcal support in future.
if you want to discuss personal things – you are always welcome via PM.
If you want to discuss technical questions – please use public support forum, our supporters here 24/7/365.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding !

My best Wishes to respected Mr. Faisal_Computer