World first samsung note 5 n920c frp reset done only via umt box :)


 Port : COM4 : SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem
 Baud Rate : 921600
 Device : Samsung
 Operation : FRP Lock Reset
 Opening Port... OK
 Checking for Device in Download Mode... Found
 Reading Data from Phone... Done
Chipset : LSI7420 [High Speed]
Checking for FRP Data... Found
 FRP Bit : E6F4
 Resetting FRP Lock Data... Done
 Resetting Phone... Done
 Port Closed.
 Operation Finished.
 Elapsed Time: 00:09
 Module Ver. [1.5]
Log Saved to Logs1228_233049.log

Thanx To My Bro U.M.T For Making Awsome Tool 🙂