Would Appreciate ANY Assistance

Hello everyone, I’m really new to the mobile phone modifying scene and would love a little help. I currently am using the OCTOPUS Box and I gotta say, from what I’ve been able to do with it, I love it!

So these are the questions I have for anyone willing to help me (it will be GREATLY appreciated). So I have no idea as to what QCN files are, and what is the purpose of them? Also, where does one acquire phone Certificates? What is required of me to REPAIR a blacklisted SAMSUNG Phone that the BOX supports? Must I change QCN, and CERT files on the phone? Where do I go about acquiring these certificates and qcn files?

In the little time that I have experimented with the octopus box, I have learned quite a bit… But not enough to understand certain things. I work at a mobile store, and I DO have access to MANY mobile phones, so if acquiring these certificates required copying them phones, I WOULD BE GLAD to share!