write flash stoped in 27 %

here is log:

Flash files count is :11
Action : Firmware update.
Selected Acer: Liquid Z110
Phone must be off with battery inside.
Please insert USB cable now…
Detected : PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COM24)
Phone detected…Please wait
Sending DA agent, please wait…
EMMC: (28Gb+4096Mb) KSI 0x4d4d43303447
EMMC FW VERSION: 58:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
Detecting high speed port, wait……
If driver not installed, install high speed port driver.
Detected : DA USB VCOM Port (COM12)
Starting flash.
Send preloader…
Download firmware to flash now…
After flash this firmware need to perform some aditional steps
1.Reinsert battery, keep VOL- and power on untill phone will come in factory mode
2.Select line EMMC, and after press home button.
3.Wait untill phone will restart and will stuck on logo(leave for 1 min in this stage).
4.If phone not power on, reinsert battery and perform direct unlock.
If repair fail, please contact us or report in forum to provide help.
All done.