X-BO M8 HTC clon flash

Hi all!
Few days ago I did have troubles with this phone for a bootloop. But after searching and almost kill the phone, got the solution.
No one site has the exact firmware for this and finally got it paying for it. so you know that even a cent will help!
The safe process for flash this phone is first extract the UBOOT from the phone. This file contain the LCD drivers of the device, so we will need it. Some devices has the same drivers but not all REMEMBER THAT.
UBOOT: Begin 0x0000000002920000
end 0x0000000000060000
OR select dump phone firmware from phone.

1.- In folder of firmware replace the UBOOT file from the yours one
2.- Select 0_by_CPU MT6572
3.- Open scat file
4.- Full Flash
5.- Get Cash!:cool: or Phone back:D

Remember! if I did help you, you can help me:)
Firmware X-BO M8 Password