Xl rm-1030 semi dead

nokia XL stuck on nokia logo but each time i want to flash it only detect Quallcomm driver which wont change to nokia emergency mode no matter what you do..i check online and people commented that the phone is in semi-dead mode which when i try to fix via ATFJ i got this error…

Waiting for Device Connection 20 second(s)…OK
Resetting and Exploring JTAG chain…OK
Halting Core…OK
Initializing Device…OK
Detecting eMMC #1 ID…1501004A3558574D420108EEC6227189
Flash Description: Samsung J5XWMB, 3.64 GiB, SN 08EEC622, Jul 1998
Partition Config: Boot from USER, Boot ACK OFF (0x38)
Boot Bus Config: x1 SDR, Bus Reset to x1 (0x00)
Testing Device Memory…OK
Sending Flash Loader…OK (92056 Op/Sec)
Restoring Partition #1…OK
Restoring Partition #2…Flash Write Error at 0x00000200, Loader Error, Code 0x71
Please send this log and "..\Logs\.log" file to support!
JTAG Interface Disconnected!

I have come across ths problem twice this is exactly the error i also got on the first device (rm-980)(stuck on the second stage just as this nokia xl)…but in all no fix yet for it.
please support is there anyway to fix this phone???