XTC 2 clip not working need help

Sending oem writesecureflag 0
… (bootloader) SecuritySDInit: counter = 4
(bootloader) a11ul_init_sd, SD card already power on
(bootloader) a11ul_init_sd, SD card io already power on
(bootloader) sdhci_open: id=0
(bootloader) Initializing MMC host data structure and clock!
(bootloader) mmc slot#2 clock enabled
(bootloader) sdhci_set_clock: slot 2, freq 192000000
(bootloader) GPLL0 is enabled
(bootloader) clock_update_cfg_sd is done
(bootloader) sd clock set done
(bootloader) sdhci_set_bus_width: bus width 0
(bootloader) sdhci_clk_supply: freq 400000
(bootloader) Error: Command never completed
(bootloader) Error: Command timeout error
(bootloader) Error: Command completed with errors
(bootloader) The response for CMD8 does not match the supplied value
(bootloader) Decoded CID fields:
(bootloader) Manufacturer ID: 7f
(bootloader) OEM ID: 0x0
(bootloader) Product Name: 5270
(bootloader) Product revision: 5.2
(bootloader) Product serial number: B4E
(bootloader) Manufacturing date: 2 2015
(bootloader) sdhci_clk_supply: freq 50000000
(bootloader) sdhci_set_bus_width: bus width 1
(bootloader) Done initialization of the card
(bootloader) erase_grpsize: 0
(bootloader) erase_grpmult: -1921008452
(bootloader) wp_grpsize: 1
(bootloader) wp_grpen: 1
(bootloader) perm_wp: 0
(bootloader) temp_wp: 0
(bootloader) [Tuxera][Error] No exFAT partition found
(bootloader) [FAT_ERROR] fat_open_file: can not find SMART_IO.CRD
(bootloader) [JAVACARD_ERR] SMART_IO.CRD cann’t find
(bootloader) writesecureflag: Permission denied, value 1
Execution time is 1
Operation finished

At every phone I am getting this error, even I update my card with
this method.http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f961…t-etc-1964648/

may be my box dead???