You Are Not here To Take A PART,you are here to break your promises

You Are Not here To Take a PART
you are here to break your promises


you guys are just giving us promises day by day,your security test take tooooo mush time.
or you guys are just concentrate on inferno dongle user’s

i bought volcano box on june month of 2015 and also activated Merapi on my volcano,volcano box best for me but no update from last 3 month that think make me angry after much time i make that thread.
sorry guys i really dont want to create that thread but after tooo much waiting really i am so angry.if i ask product supporter about inferno exe for merapi user,all said that(on the way,exe ready just checking some security test etc)

>>i’m not spam here because this is my first post about Inferno Exe for merapi users.