Z3X eMMC Firmware Database Editor

Sorry for my English.. My Languale is Russian…

This Software created for Add not Exists Samsung eMMC Firmware to Z3X EasyJtag
Current support – From file
Futher – direct read from eMMC

Small instruction:


1 - Create BACKUP Directory ..\EasyJtag\eMMC Firmware\
2 - Run this App, Load Firmware Database -> Press Button "Load Database"
Detecting Work Directory and loading files is Automaticallyи.
3 - Open "Editor" Tab, Left - List exists eMMC Firmware
4 - For edit exist record select from left list and Edit Data. Press Button "Apply"
5 - For add New Firmware: Read\Download Firmware file, Press "Detect eMMC" in Main EasyJtag Software\Use LOG*
6 - Need Important String in LOG - "EMMC CID", Example "EMMC CID : 1501003030303030305620110726589C"
7 - Input data to field: FULL CHIP NAME - in CHIP Body To field "eMMC Full Name", Example: "KMVUS000LA-B304"
8 - Input data to field "eMMC CID" - from EasyJtag LOG, value - CID
9 - Select above readed\downloaded FIRMWARE file, Press Button "..."
10 - Press button "Add" for ADD input data to Left list
11 - To Save changes Press button "Save Database" in Main Tab, after saving all changes SAVED to files!!!
Database path detect automatically
This App NOT save changes while not press Button "Save Database", if you make error - Restart App:)))
Button Destination:
Add - Add NEW eMMC Firmware to Database
Apply - Apply changes to selected exists record
Clear - Clear Input fields
Delete - DELETE Selected Record from left list
This App NOT remove eMMC firmware files from ..\EasyJtag\eMMC Firmware\
Please FIRST Make BACKUP before operations!

* To get Firmware read instructions please Get Support or read forums…
Software NOT validate eMMC Firmware file!
Use at your own risk

Big Thanks Z3X Team for Source Crypto Algorithms emmc database!

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