ZZkey SmartProz: Unlocking HTC EXPLORER

Hi, I am always stuck on the error below, I believe it should work on current android version, but it does not. I tried to update phone’s software, but it says the latest version installed. Please let me know how to unlock it?

Manufacturer: HTC
Model: HTC Explorer A310e
Android OS: 2.3.5
Product Name: htc_pico
Project Name: <CupcakeSKU.SKUInfo instance at 0x24bbcb0>:221309
Firmware CID: O2___001
SerialNo: HT1BFVN02015
Secure Status: S-ON
Root Status: NO!
IMEI: 357xxxxxxxxx
Hacking phone…please wait…
Failed Initializing memory.4294966495
Restarting Phone…