Note 3 N9005 – No display when booting normally.

Hi, got Note 3 N9005 with a strange problem.
Keeps rebooting on 1st logo several times (up to 9 times or less) after that it seems to boot normally into home screen but with no display onwards (no display since 1st logo), but with sound, touch, etc all responsive, notification sounds led all works, but just no display.
When trying to reboot to recovery it shows booting recovery on 1st logo but it doesn’t and same reboot, when charging it shows battery logo but then reboots to 1st logo and keeps rebooting as stated above.
But when in Download Mode, it displays perfectly with no reboot. Odin flash always success, flashed complete firmware, two different ones, still same problem.
Without LCD connector connected it always seems to boot fine.
LCD screen is clean, no drops, no visble crack, no physical damage, it just starts happening all of sudden after doing a restart from power menu within the software. Never happened before.

Need solution, thanks.