Tutorial imei repair BQ Aquaris X5

enable usb debbug
install drivers from HERE
root the phone
select qualcomm tab in gcprokey software
scan ports
select diag port
select model avvio L500
and repair imei using NV_Method

Using Version…
Selected Port QCUSB_COM656_1 = COM656
Selected Model Avvio L500
Selected Task NV_Method

Searching phone…


Device Detected…
model:= Aquaris X5
Androids Version:= 5.1.1
Description Version:= msm8916_32-user 5.1.1 LMY47V 268 release-keys
Platform:= msm8916 [ qcom ] [ msm ]
Baseband:= M8936FAAAANUZM-1.35240.2.44602.1
Security Patch := 01-04-2016
BusyBox version := 1.20.2
ANDROID-ID = OE012930_0000100C5B
Detected su binary at /xbin
Detected su binary at /bin
SU Version..kingo 141
Device is Secure Rooted..uid=0
System Permission is Read/Write…

Starting All QCOM IMEI Repair…
IMEI-1 := 350000000000000
IMEI-2 := 350000000000000
Repaired IMEI-1 := 35xxx1063541302
Repaired IMEI-2 := 35xxx1071541310
job done..