Unlock Alcatel 4044O AT&T

I’m getting an "Unhandled exception" when trying to unlock an Alcatel 4044O from AT&T.

1. Connect phone (turned off) to PC
2. Select Alcatel HS-USB Diagnostics port
3. Phone model: OT-4044O
4. Direct unlock
5. Got the folling:

SigmaKey 2.26.04 Qcom: Direct unlock
ALCATEL HS-USB Diagnostics 9091 (COM248), Provider: TCL, Driver ver.:, Date: 01/02/2015, USB\VID_1BBB&PID_9091&REV_0310&MI_00
Phone model: OT-4044O
Baseband Processor: 8909
Detecting flash…eMMC, Flash size: 3.64 Gb
Hardware IMEI: 014685000275281
Reading security block…X8C0LS01BR20
Security area saved to "D:\Documentos\Documents\SigmaKey\security backup416440254685000275281_8909_eMMC_X8C0LS 01BR20.skb"
Removing firmware protection…OK
Writing security block…
Unhandled exception E06D7363 [75E6D36F]

Any clue?